Corporate Governance

In carrying out its business activities, the Company is committed to always prioritize the application of GCG principles that consist of transparency, accountability, fairness, independence, and responsibility, to deliver a healthy and conducive work climate as well as the ability to increase the trust of shareholders and other stakeholders in the future.


Year File Name
2017 Audit Committee Charter DVL-2017
2016 Audit Committee Charter DVL-2014
2016 BOC Charter
2016 BOD Charter

Audit Committe Information

Audit Committee conducted the coordination meeting during 2019 on March 14, April 29, July 23 and October 24 with 100% presence. ​

Whistleblowing System

As one of a Good Corporate Governance forms, Darya-Varia applied Whistleblowing System which is an integral part of Company's Code of Ethics. Whistleblowing System is a media or mechanism for reporting the irregularities, fraud performed by employees; violations of policies, procedures, as well as Company's ethics and values.

Please report to​

Nomination and Remuneration Guidelines

In compliance with Otoritas Jasa Keuangan Regulation No.34/POJK.04/2014 dated December 8, 2014 concerning Nomination and Remuneration, the Company shall have Nomination and Remuneration functions. At the Board of Commissioners ("BOC") meeting of the Company on June 3, 2015 it was resolved that the functions of the Nomination and Remuneration shall be exercised by the BOC.​

To carry out these functions, the BOC have established the guidelines which among other specify, duties and responsibilities, procedures, meetings, and disclosure and reporting related to the Nomination and Remuneration functions​

Nomination and Remuneration Function

As required by Otoritas Jasa Keuangan Regulation No.34/POJK.04/2014 dated December 8, 2014 concerning Nomination and Remuneration (“POJK 34/2014”)the Company shallhave Nomination and Remuneration functions. Based on the said POJK 34/2014, in the event Nomination and Remuneration Committee is not formed, such nomination and remuneration functions shall be implemented by the Board of Commissioners of the Company (“BOC”).

It was resolved at the Company’s BOC meeting on June 3, 2015, the nomination and remuneration function will be exercised by the BOC.

Code of Ethics

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